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Click on the icon to download the relevant presentation.

Files are Windows 95 and later compatible,
typical file size is 300 - 600 kb.

Digi-Brochure Alpha
Windows EXE files

Bentley Walker
Vehicle solutions.

A digital invitation to Intr04 presentation.

Kjaer & Kjaer
A digi-brochure sold through our Danish Partners.

Vines BMW
Sales brochure for Vines of Guildford.

Vines MINI
Sales brochure for Vines of Guildford.

A new generation in vehicle security.

Wyeth Print Group
Print Group's prospecting tool.

Windows EXE files

Our own digi-brochure.

Bang & Olufsen
Product digi-brochure.

Field Boxmore
An outbound prospecting tool.

Developing sales in both the UK and the US.

Financial Services.

Willis Group
Explaining about e-solutions.

Lane Fox
Property brochure for every Lane Fox property.

Suite of digi-brochures for cars across the BMW range.

Suite of digi-brochures for cars across the Mercedes-Benz range.

Retail Group Corporate Sales digi-brochure.
Suite of digi-brochures for cars across the Porsche range.

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