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Using Digi-Generator you can create a set of presentations for different purposes including ...

Brochures, fact sheets, price lists, leaflets, mailshots, advertising, proposals, catalogues and much more …

  • A single source for creating, editing, managing your marketing materials.
  • Giving you real flexibility, faster and more immediate output and reduced cost.
  • Keep control by updating all your existing marketing material in-house...
  • Create foreign language versions with ease
You do it just once and digi-generator provides all the output you will ever need.

Your benefits
  • Cut your costs dramatically
  • Really versatile and flexible
  • Shorten lead times getting materials completed
  • Reduce your dependence on expensive suppliers
Contact us to arrange a demonstration, on-line, no charge no commitment.

Please read product introduction and see Digi-Generator presentations ...


All these presentations were created from a single source  in one session.



visually stunning interactive presentations

A tiny, self-running programme with images, text and graphics.  Easily and quickly emailed to sales enquiries, customers, distributors and dealers. 

Great for follow-ups, prospecting and creating ‘immediate’ first impressions.

A fast and cost-effective alternative to posting out printed brochures and easy for anyone in your business to send from their PC.

You can read more about

for email and print

Choose a low resolution version that can be quickly and easily emailed or choose a high-resolution, print-ready file when you require presentation quality/short run, hard copy print.
Either (or both) of these are automatically created from the one-off input of text and images into digi-generator.

an online version of the digi-brochure

If you communicate with Mac users as well as PC’s' digi-generator automatically creates your brochure in a flash version using the one-off input of text and images into digi-generator.

easy access to your creations via the web

Once you have chosen all the different output tools - brochure, pdf etc, digi-generator creates for you a unique website. 

Go to it to see an introduction and links to download any of the tools you have created.

Great for sending to customers and prospects when you don’t know which format they prefer to use – just send the link and let them choose what’s best for them.

show your latest products

A simple and effective reminder to your customers, prospects and business associates of what you are all about. 

Digi-generator automatically creates your screensaver using the one-off input of text and images.

and there are many more digi-BROCHURE samples.


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